Ways To Support Membership Volunteer Advertise Donations Facebook
Ways To Support Membership Volunteer Advertise Donations Facebook
Supporting M.A.D. DADS

You can help support M.A.D. DADS by becoming a member; volunteering your time, expertise, and enthusiasm; advertising with us; or by making a donation of goods or a monetary donation. M.A.D. DADS can always use donated bicycles, regardless of their condition. Please contact

Rev. Don Coleman to get more ideas on other donation items. smallVolunteers (20K)
Become A Member

Become a member/sponsor of Maddads for only $30 annually. This is the average cost for Maddads to refurbish one bicycle.

Please contact Rev. Don Coleman to become a member of M.A.D. DADS.

Maddads can always use a helping hand around the bike shop. If you have the skills required to fix/maintain bicycles, or would like to learn how, please contact us.

Adult volunteers are invited to chaperone and manage the Maddads recreation room as well as build positive relationships with the youth. The recreation room offers 5th through 9th graders a safe, drug-free environment.

Maddads plans to bring in professionals, from different fields of work, smallRecRoom (14K) to inform the youth in our community about their career.
Avertise With M.A.D. DADS

Maddads is offering businesses and organizations the opportunity to advertise on its box van. Prices for advertising on the van are: $150/month or $1200/year. Call Rev. Coleman at the Maddads office and start

smallBoxVan (16K) promoting your business, service, or organization today!
Make A Donation
Donate Using Credit/Debit Card or PayPal Account
Click the "Donate" button below to donate now!
M.A.D. DADS' Donation Containers

Can your spare change make a difference? Sure it can! Most nonprofit organizations like ours will tell you that there is no amount too small when you are trying to impact a community in tough times. The Maddads organization in Lincoln has been allowed to put small donation containers (see below) in stores across the city.

smallBigCan (15K)

The containers are usually in the area near the cash registers. They offer people who cannot support us with larger donations, the opportunity to donate their spare change.

We would like to have our donation containers in more businesses. If you can help us, please contact Rev. Coleman. Currently our donation containers can be found at the following locations:

  • N Street Liquor (downtown)
  • Papa John's Pizza (all locations)
  • Blimpies (11th and Cornhusker)
  • Dry Cleaning Station (both locations)
  • Sign Pro (56th and Old Cheney Rd.)
  • Art F/X Screenprinting (56th and Pine Lake)
  • Dolly Madison (North 48th St.)
  • Danielson Florist (South of 13th and 'O')
  • Gas Plus (13th and South St.)
  • The Printer (52nd and Old Cheney Rd.)
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